Value-Added Distributor and Application Specialist
of Process Equipment and Control Products

Shop Design & Repair Services

While some companies know just valve systems and others know only actuation, PCS is your sole source for actuated valve packages and actuation service. As an industry expert, we provide comprehensive automated valve packages with real world practical experience to all markets, including industrial, water/waste water, petrochemical, oil and gas, power generation, and mining.

From knowing how to orient the actuator, account for potential maximum operational conditions, and knowing how the valve will require servicing, positions PCS as the one you need to design, procure, and service your actuation package. As the factory authorized representative for multiple valve and actuation brands, PCS is here 24/7 to serve your automated flow path needs from maintenance and repairs to product selection and installation.

Contact us today for your Shop Design & Repair Service needs.

Our Shop Services Include:

  • Design & Build of Actuated Valve Packages
  • Scheduled valve maintenance and repair, testing and calibration
  • 24/7 emergency valve repair service
  • Complete valve and actuator disassembly, reassembly, and testing
  • Factory authorized repair for OEM valves/actuators
  • New valve modification, assembly, fabrication and testing
  • Extensive valve machining and welding capabilities, including ball and plug valve grinding
  • Custom fabrication and welding work